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James Austin MD:

Zen & the Brain (2010)

James H. Austin is a professor of neurology at the university health science centres of Missouri and Colorado. He is the author of Zen & the Brain (1999), Selfless Insight (2009) & Zen-Brain Reflections (2010). His unique experience as a neurologist and an experienced Zen practitioner allows him to tell  'a story that could not belong to either alone'.

At the outset, nothing in my previous medical or neuroscience training had prepared me for Zen. The challenge stimulated me to learn more--both about Zen and about the rapidly expanding frontiers of brain research. I soon saw that whenever I could interrelate Zen and the brain, each field was capable of illuminating the other. So the challenge then became which few facts in this explosive field of the neurosciences are relevant to Zen, and vice-versa?
- J.H. Austin





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