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A Prayer at a Time of Ecological Crisis

by Chatral Rinpoche


Sugatas and bodhisattvas of the ten directions,
Turn your enlightened intention towards us!
May all sentient beings tormented by this present age
Of the five virulent degenerations,
Know that they possess a treasure that can alleviate
The various portents of decay in the physical world and its inhabitants
Due to the ripening of their wrong intentions and actions -
A treasure grounded in the renunciation of harmful actions
And the cultivation of altruistic actions,
Granting all the spiritual and temporal wellbeing one could desire.
This is the supreme wish-fulfilling gem of good heart
Associated with all supreme spiritual practices.

Endowed with this (good heart),
May all beings cultivate love and compassion for one another,
Without hatred, and without fighting or quarrelling.
May they enjoy the glorious resources of happiness -
All they could possibly desire,
And swiftly attain the level of conclusive omniscience!

This aspirational prayer was written by Sangye Dorje on the tenth day of the second lunar month of the Fire Pig year at the insistence of Dungse Kunzang Jigme Namgyal, who presented a ‘good day’ offering scarf. May it be auspicious!

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