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Renewable Energy

Solar now delivers cheapest electricity ever!
The Battery Miracle.

Solar & Wind have won the Energy Race.
Uruguay's dramatic shift.
The Renewable Revolution. 
Carbon crash, solar dawn
Wind: In Tune with Nature.
Let No Man Say...

Game Changers!

Cleaning up ocean plastics pollution.
Renewables Investment smashes global records.
Why Renewables keep getting cheaper.  
The coming electrification of everything.  
Something big has shifted in the world.  
Solar & the new energy economy.  
Micropower's amazing quiet takeover.  
Vancouver has the Carbon Tax solution.  
Germany holds the key.  
The Beauty of Community Wind Power.   
Let's recognize the Carbon Bubble.  
How to Break Up Big Oil.  
Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Meat.

Energy: Efficiency, Storable, Decentralized

Lithium Ion is the New Silicon.
21st Century Electricity. 
Isothermal Compressed Air Storage.
The Passivhaus model.
The big Energy Storage breakthough.
Decentralized Energy.
Building Efficiency, New Mantra.
Think Big on Energy Efficiency.
The Core Climate Solution. 

The Sustainable Economy

Beyond the single use plastic bag. 
We need a worldwide effort on Clean Energy.
Energy: Policy makes all the difference.
Fossil fuels are for making stuff, not energy.
Salvation gets Cheap!  
Germany's Clean energy Economy.
Ecological Public Health. 
The Titanic Code.
The Steady State Economy Position.
A New Economy, A New Politics.
The Steady State Economy.
Prosperity Is Possible Without Growth.

Behaviour, Communication

Why Climate Action needs the Arts.
Eating Less Meat is Essential. 
The Change Within. 
Desmond Tutu's call to action. 
Shining Example: Carbon Divestment.
Climate Ignorers & "Stealth Deniers" 
The Human Climate Movement.
Why Radical is the New Normal.
The great moral crisis of our time.
Climate Patriotism.
Anne Waldman's "Fossil Fuel".
A guide to climate communication. 
Climate is a Human Rights Issue.
From Corporatocracy to Democracy
George Lakoff - Communicate Effectively! 
James Hansen - The Activist.

Deep Ecology & Ecopsychology

The Ecological Unconscious
An Ecology of Mind.
Free your Eco-Mind.
What is Ecopsychology?
Animate Earth.
Holistic Science 
Platform Principles of Deep Ecology.
The Deep Ecology Movement.
What is Deep Ecology?
Ecology, Place, Awakening of Compassion. 
Beyond Patriarchy.
Twelve Principles.
Thomas Berry video interview




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