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Climate & Evolution
The Carbon Emissions Crisis.
Human impacts have created a new geological era.
400K Hiroshimas every day. 
Star Wars Civilization, Stone Age Emotions.
The Sixth Great Extinction.
Our Evolutionary Destiny

Population & Consumption
Attenborough on Population.
US wastes 86% of its energy.
The Great Food Crisis Emerges.
The New Austerity is Really an Energy Squeeze.
The Consumer Self.
Twin Elephants in the Room.
The Significance of Peak Oil.

Breaking News
The Power of Paris.
The Historic Paris Climate Deal.

Atlantis Awaits.

Scientific Institutions' Joint Communique.
The Arctic sea ice, right now.
Millions face starvation as world warms.
Earth nearing tipping point.
Apocalypse Soon.
Ancient Rocks Reveal Scope of Carbon Crisis.

The Global Ocean
Full scale of plastic in the world's oceans.
Incredible rate of polar ice sheet loss.

Too Big to Flood?
Death spiral of Arctic sea ice.
The Ocean of Life.
Ocean Acidification.
Huge Arctic Ocean Methane Release.
The Health of the Ocean.
The Coral Reefs' Farewell?

Fossil Fuel Capitalism
Cheap Oil accelerates Renewables investment.
Who Funded the Climate Lie & How?

Exxon, the worst corporate criminal.
Divestment grows 50-fold in 1 year!
Fossil Fuel Industry must implode.
Vast extent of fossil fuel subsidies revealed.
Fossil fuels becoming Stranded Assets.
Attack the morality of fossil fuel investment.

A fatally flawed measure of economic health.
Desmond Tutu's call to boycott Big Carbon.
Biggest US carbon polluters named.
Cheap coal is dead.
The Separation of Oil & State
The Tyranny of Oil.

The Political Dimension  
Most Dangerous Organization in Human History.
Climate could wipe $ trillions off world economy.
The Time Has Come...
The Coming Climate Refugees.
Extreme Weather meets Politics.
Climate Inaction & Hypermaterialism
Tar Sands: Disaster for Canada & the World.
A New Grand Strategy for the U.S.

Deconstructing the Climate Cover-Up
Paris signals deniers have lost the climate wars.
Big Carbon's Racketeering.
Why Big Oil can't adapt to climare change.
It's not hysteria - it's just a fact.
Global Warming Denial speaks English.
Historians will ask "Why didnt they act?"
The $1B a year climate-denial machine.
Just these 90 companies are to blame.
Politicians paid to deny climate chaos.
Marching Off a Cliff.
Requiem for a Species.
Lemmings and Lifeguards.
Merchants of Doubt.

For a Future to be Possible
James Hansen - New Interview.
Save the world with promise, not fear.
The Energy Visionary.
Facing the Climate Crisis.
Corporate capture of the United States.
The fate of Creation is the fate of Humanity.
The network of global corporate control.
The 3 numbers that redefine climate change.

We need a revolt against the fossil fuel industry. 
Trees Please!  
Shout Stop! in the War on Nature.    
A Childlike Faith in Reason.  
Climate Change & Human Survival.  
The Moral Imperative of Hope.  
Climate Change, the Intergenerational Evil.  
Will Capitalism destroy Civilization?   
The Moral Dimension of Climate Change.  
Six Degrees of Climate Breakdown
Decline & Fall of the Human Empire.

A Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change
Read & Sign it
french_flag.jpg En Francais
Climate Declaration Signatories




What would the Buddha do?
Love is the Connection.
Middle Path to Sustainability & Wellbeing.
Collective Bubbles of Delusion.
Climate, Evolution & Human Spirit.
A Buddhist Philosophy of Evolution.
Buddhism & the Unconscious.
Buddha Nature, Divided Brain.
Buddhism & the Market.
A Buddhist Ecology of Self.
Buddhism, Cosmolgy & Evolution.
Beyond the Zero-Empathy Matrix.
Occupy the Climate Emergency!
Buddhism & the End of Economic Growth.
Why the Buddha Touched the Earth.
Compassion & the Shadow.
Buddhism & Ecological Responsibility.
Buddhism & the Fate of the Species.
A Sustainable Enlightenment.

Dalai Lama: A Safe-Climate CO2 Target.

Global Buddhist Climate Change Collective
Buddhist Climate Change Statement
to World Leaders, 2015

Featured Articles
Climate Change:
A Moral Call to Social Transformation.
Pope Francis' Laudato si'
Is There Life Before Death?
Re-birthing Planet Earth.
The Great Dying & the Stages of Grief.
U.S. Dharma Teachers' Collaborative Statement
on Climate Disruption.

16 core Dharma principles & climate change.
"Beloved Mother of all Things"
Spiritual Narcissism or Spiritual Ecology?
Only love can save us from climate change.
Ancestors of Awakening.
If Your House is On Fire.
A Planetary Stroke of Insight?
Evolutionary Flow.
Minding the Earth, Mending the World.
Spiritual Ecology.
In One Hundred Years...

In Love with Mother Earth.

Dalai Lama, Diana Liverman,
Sallie McFague & Dekila Chungyalpa.

Praying for the Earth.
Thrangu Rinpoche: Special Calligraphy

Interviews & Articles
Interview: The Wholeness Process.
Kyabje Sakya Trizin.
A New Buddhist Story
Susan Murphy Roshi Interview
Stephan Harding Interview.

The Self-Aware Universe.
Dudjom Rinpoche, 2012
Ajarn Sulak Sivaraksa
Gyalwang Karmapa
Satish Kumar
Joanna Macy
Hozan Alan Senauke
Jason Tetsuzen Wirth
John Daido Loori Roshi
Thich Nhat Hanh
Dudjom Rinpoche, 2007
Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche
Ato Rinpoche
Ringu Tulku Rinpoche
Wes Nisker
Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche

Aspiration Prayers & Poems
Thrangu Rinpoche
Dudjom Rinpoche
Chatral Rinpoche
Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche
Sakya Trizin Rinpoche
Robert Aitken Roshi

Videos of Teachers
Jon Kabat-Zinn on Mindful Awareness.
Sulak Sivaraksa: Truth Force & Climate Change.
Dalai Lama: 21st century Buddhism.
Thrangu Rinpoche, Dudjom Rinpoche,
Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, Ringu Tulku.

Mind, Psyche, Spirit
The Logos of Nature.
Don't Even Think About It.

The Great Grief.
The need for a new worldview.
A new model of psychospiritual leadership.
Love's Energies.
Ensouled on the Planet.
Science and Spirituality.
Living in Climate Truth.
Spiritual Evolution.
Climate & Art.
Climate, Mind, Behavior.

Deep Ecology & Neuroscience.
Re-thininking Human Nature.
In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts.
The Master & His Emissary.
A Nicer Way to Evolve.
Is Humanity Suicidal?
The Ecozoic Era.

A Psyche the Size of the Earth.
The Earth Has a Soul.
The Universe Story.



Renewable Energy
Solar & Wind have won the energy race.
Paris boosts Renewables; slashes fossil fuel revenues.

Uruguay's dramatic shift.
The Renewable Revolution.
A carbon-free future.

Carbon crash, solar dawn
Wind: In Tune with Nature.
Let No Man Say...

Game Changers!
The Clean Energy Miracle is already here!
Renewables Investment smashed global records.
Renewables keep getting cheaper.  
The coming electrification of everything.  
Something big has shifted in the world.  
Solar & the new energy economy.  
Micropower's amazing quiet takeover.  
Vancouver has the Carbon Tax solution.  
The Renewables Ownership Society.  
Germany holds the key.  
The Beauty of Community Wind Power.   
Let's recognize the Carbon Bubble.  
How to Break Up Big Oil.  
Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Meat.

Energy: Efficient, Storable, Decentralized
Lithium Ion is the New Silicon.
21st Century Electricity.
Isothermal Compressed Air Storage.
The Passivhaus model.
The big Energy Storage breakthough.
Decentralized Energy.
Building Efficiency, New Mantra.
Think Big on Energy Efficiency.
The Core Climate Solution.

The Sustainable Economy
We'll Always Have Paris.
We need a worldwide effort on Clean Energy.
Energy: Policy makes all the difference.

Fossil fuels are for making stuff, nor energy.
Salvation gets cheap!  
Renewables, Storage & Utilities.
Germany's Clean Energy Economy.
Ecological Public Health.
The Titanic Code.
The Steady State Economy Position.
A New Economy, A New Politics.
The Steady State Economy.
Prosperity Is Possible Without Growth.

Activism, Behaviour, Communication
Why Climate Action needs the Arts.
Eating Less Meat is Essential.
The Change Within.
Desmond Tutu's call to action.
Shining Example: Carbon Divestment.
Climate Ignorers & "Stealth Deniers"
The Human Climate Movement.
Why Radical is the New Normal.
The great moral crisis of our time.
Climate Patriotism.
Anne Waldman's "Fossil Fuel".
A guide to climate communication.
Climate is a Human Rights Issue.
From Corporatocracy to Democracy
George Lakoff - Communicate Effectively! 
James Hansen - The Activist.

Deep Ecology & Ecopsychology
The Ecological Unconscious
An Ecology of Mind.
Free your Eco-Mind.
What is Ecopsychology?
Animate Earth.
Holistic Science 
Platform Principles of Deep Ecology.
The Deep Ecology Movement.
What is Deep Ecology?
Ecology, Place, Awakening of Compassion.
Beyond Patriarchy.
Twelve Principles.
Thomas Berry video interview


The Third Pole & Asia

China details broad new climate pledge.
China's electricity could be 100% renewable.
India to build world's largest solar plant.

How India can go 100% renewable.
China's coal use; whole world's problem.
India's dangerous food bubble.
China's desperate efforts on pollution.
Bad news / good news from China.
Climate & crop loss in SE Asia.
China's dark power.
The Brown Cloud over Asia.
Science of the Third Pole.
China's cognitive dissonance on climate.
Nomads struggle as grasslands disappear.
Climate Crisis in Tibet & China.
Climate Change across India
China's Food-Energy-Water Nexus.

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