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Climate & Evolution
World passes 400pm threshold, permanently.
400K Hiroshimas a day.  
A new Geological Era.  
Star Wars Civilization -
Stone Age Emotions
Climate Crisis Here & Now. 
Ancient Rocks reveal scope of crisis. 

Population & Consumption 
Attenborough on Population.  
The Consumer Self.  
Twin Elephants in the Room.

Global Ocean  
Atlantis Awaits.  
An ocean of plastic.  
Ocean Acidification. 
Arctic Ocean Methane.  
Farewell to the amazing Coral Reefs.

Fossil Fuel Capitalism 
Exxon, the worst of corporate criminality.
Fossil Fuel Industry must implode.
Vast extent of fossil fuel subsidies.
Biggest US carbon polluters named.
Separation of Oil & State.
The Tyranny of Oil.

The Political Dimension
Trump orders up climate catastrophe.
Putin, Trump, Exxon = Climate Chaos.  
Fighting Trump on Climate & Democracy.   
Most Dangerous Organization in History.   

The Great Climate Cover-Up
The Great Climate Silence.
The $1B a year climate-denial machine.   
Just these 90 companies are to blame.  
Merchants of Doubt.     

The Seven Deadly Planetary Sins.
Save the world with promise, not fear.

Corporate capture of the United States.
The fate of Creation is the fate of Humanity.
The network of global corporate control.
Shout Stop! in the War on Nature.    
A Childlike Faith in Reason.  
The Moral Dimension
Six Degrees of Climate Breakdown
Decline & Fall of the Human Empire.

A Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change
Read & Sign it
french_flag.jpg En Francais
Climate Declaration Signatories




Renewable Energy
Clear Winner is Renewable.
Renewables & Climate Optimism.
The Battery Miracle
Solar & Wind have won the Energy Race.
Wind: In Tune with Nature.
Let No Man Say...

Game Changers!
Kick-Starting Global Decarbonization.
Cleaning up ocean plastics pollution.
Why Renewables keep getting cheaper.  
The coming electrification of everything.  
Vancouver's Carbon Tax solution.  
Let's recognize the Carbon Bubble.  
How to Break Up Big Oil.  
Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Meat.

Energy: Efficient, Storable, Decentralized
Lithium Ion is the New Silicon.
The Energy Storage breakthough.
Decentralized Energy.
Building Efficiency, New Mantra.
Think Big on Energy Efficiency.
The Core Climate Solution.

The Sustainable Economy
Economic growth decouples from emissions.
Salvation gets cheap!  
Ecological Public Health.
The Titanic Code.
The Steady State Economy.
Prosperity Is Possible Without Growth.

Activism, Behaviour, Communication
Why Climate Action needs the Arts.
The great moral crisis of our time.
Anne Waldman's "Fossil Fuel".
Climate is a Human Rights Issue.
From Corporatocracy to Democracy
George Lakoff - Communicate Effectively! 

Deep Ecology & Ecopsychology
The Ecological Unconscious
Free your Eco-Mind.
What is Ecopsychology?
Animate Earth.
Platform Principles of Deep Ecology.
The Deep Ecology Movement.
What is Deep Ecology?
Beyond Patriarchy.
Twelve Principles.
Thomas Berry video interview

The Third Pole & Asia
India plans 60% clean electricity by 2027.
World's biggest solar farm in Qinghai-Tibet.
The Brown Cloud over Asia.  
Science of the Third Pole  
Nomads struggle as grasslands disappear.  
Climate Crisis in Tibet & China.  

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