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Analysis of the First 5000 Declaration Signatories

Signatories by Country

The first thing to notice is that Buddhists across the whole world have signed the Climate Declaration, in line with the now global status of Buddhist religious practice. Substantial numbers came from the English-speaking world (US, UK, Australia, Canada, S. Africa), reflecting the language of the document at this stage. Many people (13% in all) signed from Germany, France, the Netherlands and Singapore. Three percent of signatories came from Malaysia. A significant number of signatories (1% each) came equally from 7 geographically diverse countries—New Zealand, Mexico, Finland, Belgium, Ireland, Brazil and Vietnam.

Ten percent of signatories live in 63 different countries. Double figures came from Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, India, Denmark, Sri Lanka, Lithuania, Hong Kong, Nepal, Italy, Thailand, Slovenia, Japan, Sweden, former Yugoslavia and Estonia (16 countries). Three or more people signed from Bhutan, China, Austria, Hungary, Venezuela, Poland, Norway, Israel, Mauritius, Taiwan, Greece, Indonesia, Chile, Czech Republic, Bangladesh, Puerto Rico and Croatia (17 countries). The remaining 1% of signatories originated from 30 further, geographically disparate countries—from Korea to Botswana to Myanmar to Nigeria.

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