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Analysis of the First 5000 Declaration Signatories

Signatories by Affiliation

The largest group of signatories (40%) did not specify a specific sangha or affiliation, describing themselves simply as Buddhist. Among the 60% of respondents who specified a particular affiliation, the largest numbers (11% each) came from Theravada/Vipassana or Tibetan Kagyu backgrounds, and the second largest numbers (7% each) from Zen and from Tibetan Shambhala backgrounds. Tibetan Nyingma signatories contributed 6%, ‘unaffiliated’ Tibetan Buddhists 5%, and Tibetan Geluk signatories 3% of the total. Members of the Order of Interbeing, related sanghas under the leadership of Thich Nhat Hanh and other Vietnamese Buddhists constituted 4% of signatories. One percent each came from the following 6 groups: non-Buddhist colleagues, the Tibetan Rigpa sangha, Tibetan Sakya, Japanese Buddhism, Chinese Buddhism or Chan and the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order.


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