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The term “engaged Buddhism” was created to restore the true meaning of Buddhism. Engaged Buddhism is simply Buddhism applied in our daily lives.If it’s not engaged, it can’t be called Buddhism. Buddhist practice takes place not only in monasteries, meditation halls and Buddhist institutes, but in whatever situation we find ourselves. Engaged Buddhism means the activities of daily life combined with the practice of mindfulness.
Thich Nhat Hanh




We don't think we will fail and we are not afraid of trying.
The effort itself is a triumph. 
- Aung San Suu Kyi

The Dalai Lama Endorses the 350 Target for Atmospheric CO2

Lester Brown: Let No Man Say It Cannot Be Done

Bruce Levine: From Corporatocracy to Democracy

Katheen Dean Moore: If your house is on fire.

Please Take a Stand:



I look forward to standing with young people & their supporters, helping them develop their case, as they demand their proper due and fight for nature & their future. I guess that makes me an activist. - Dr Jim Hansen, NASA

Wen Stephenson: Global Warming is the great moral crisis of our time

Anne Waldman reads her poem Fossil Fuel

Olivier De Schutter: Climate Change is a Human Rights Issue.

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